Botanical citations from common web sources

Please note...
Some of the sources listed below only require the taxon name to create valid citations for Wikipedia articles. However, for the sources marked with * you will need to copy the URL and/or other information from the relevant source page and insert it into the citation template before you use it in your article. A reminder will be shown in the results if this is the case, and you'll be given a link to find the source page (in case you haven't already looked at it 😮).

This script will detect the standard indicators of infraspecies, i.e. 'subsp.', 'ssp.', 'var.', 'subvar.', 'f.', and 'subf.', and will produce properly italicised output for Wikipedia. If other non-standard indicators are used in the taxon name you will have to check the code at the  |title=  parameter and ensure it is correct.

2. Select a citation source
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International sources: