Botanical citations from common books

These are some common books that I use in articles on Australian tropical rainforest flora. Make sure to add the page number before using it. If there is a URL in the citation be sure to check that it is still valid, but I will update this page as required, for as long as I am active on Wikipedia.

List of titles:

Cooper & Cooper
Fruits Of the Rain Forest (1994)

Cooper & Cooper
Fruits of the Australian Tropical Rain Forest (2004)

Cooper & Cooper
Australian Rainforest Fruits - A Field Guide (2013)

Rainforest Plants of Australia (1986)

Jones & Clemesha
Australian Ferns and Fern Allies (1989)

Native Orchids of Australia (1988)

Wild Food Plants of Australia (1998)

Bush Food - Aboriginal Food and Herbal Medicine (1987)

Plants of Cape York—the compact guide (2009)

Roberts et al
A Guide to Traditional Aboriginal Rainforest Plant Use (1995)

Daintree - Jewel of the Tropical North Queensland (1997)